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Jürgen Windheim Management Consultants Interim Management Triple-A Projekte
Jürgen Windheim Management ConsultantsInterim Management Triple-A Projekte

Referenzaussagen         Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Recommendations for Manager Service Transition at Vestas Wind Systems A/S 

Robert Dolan, Manager Service Introduction Management

Vestas Wind Systems (colleague, reported to you) 
“Jürgen is a detail-oriented manager who makes a plan and sticks to it. He communicates his goals and expectations clearly to his team and is able to justify and explain the background and reasoning behind the goals. Moreover, Jürgen inspires a sense of urgency and importance in the operational tasks that he delegates. He follows-up and reports on these tasks in a professional manner. Jürgen is able to establish a good sense of teamwork within the organisation and has a keen sense of humour which he uses very wisely. I have no hesitation in recommending Jürgen for similar positions in the future.”

February 14, 2011 
Peter Ole Kilden Jensen, Manager Change Management

Vestas Wind Systems (colleague, reported to you)
“I can fully support the recommendation from my colleague Robert Dolan. Jürgen is excellent in setting goals, creating detailed plans of how achieve the goals, and communicating this plan both internally in his team and to external stakeholders. I believe that any company, that wish to change their organisational structure and/or create new functions, would benefit from having Jürgen onboard on such a journey.”

February 24, 2011 

Peter Rechnagel, Head of Service Delivery Excellence

Vestas Wind Systems (colleague, worked directly with you)
“I worked with Jürgen Windheim as mutual members of a management team which handled tactical goals for Vestas Wind Systems A/S, in regards to operations and support of IT infrastructure and business applications. During this time Jürgen repeatedly have shown great talent for working executive managements stratigic objectives into tactical plans. Jürgen is very dedicated and due to his great knowledge of IT organisation and processes in general, he always have very valuable input to dialogue and workshopping. It is very easy for me to recommend Jürgen, due to his knowledge, dedication and ability to use these skills appropriately.”

March 5, 2011 



Recommendations for Manager Global Support at Vestas Wind Systems A/S 

Abbas Ali GhariyaliCPIM, Application Support Consultant

Vestas Wind Systems (colleague, worked indirectly for you)
“I know Jurgen from the day one of my career journey at Vestas. He envisioned, formed and sustained successfully the Global XA support team which provides continuous business support across the regions i.e. Asia, Europe, and America. He passionately owned the team selection process and meticulously drove it to the success. He is a good communicator and down to earth kind of personality. Personally, I found him approachable and someone who respect cross cultural aspects in leading and nurturing individuals. I would definitely like to work with him in future.”

March 3, 2011 


Pradeep Deshpande, Manager Business Support Asia

Vestas Asia Pacific (colleague, reported to you)
“I would say that my 2 years with Juergen were a lot value add to me personally. He displayed a beautiful mixture of personalities... strong and very specific at work, but at the same time very cheerful and friendly on personal grounds. He was instrumental in building our entire team to support ERP in Vestas globally.... overcoming the challenges of different time zones, regions & cultures. I always looked to him as my mentor and guide to learn managerial and leadership qualities and benefitted from the same.”

February 16, 2011 

Mike Canik, Manager Business Support US

Vestas Wind Systems A/S (colleague, reported to you)
“Juergen is a great people manager, and inspires people to work hard through his own dedication and example. I highly recommend him as a manager.”

February 24, 2011 
Chen Siong Chong, Application Support Consultant

Vestas Asia Pacific (colleague, worked indirectly for you)
“I have known Jürgen since end of 2008 when he was the lead interviewer for the recruitment of the Global XA Support Team. He was then became our team manager. Jürgen is a leader with clear vision and this can be seen from how he shaped our Global XA Support team from scratch into a fully functional team in order to be able to provide great level of support to the business, around the clock as we have production units in different parts of the world. He is a great leader and I trusted him wholeheartedly. On the other hand, my colleagues and I respected him as he understands and most importantly respects the cultural differences which exist in our team of multi-national members. He is always in touch with us, to understand our concerns and address it accordingly. He even remembered our spouse and children name after our get-together dinner session, which really impressed us a lot! This shows that apart from work relationship, Jürgen is a truthful and honest friend. Given a chance, I will definitely love to work with Jürgen again.”

March 1, 2011  
Penny Fillhouer, Sr. Corporate Recruiter

Vestas America-Wind Technology (colleague, reported to you)
“The kind of Manager people love to have. He is clearly confident with his skills, knowing how important it is to be surrounded by people who know their craft; then he lets them do their job. It was my pleasure to work under the guide of Jürgen , to accomplish the tough task of creating a team of Infor XA professionals. Jürgen supports his team towards their own success, hires, communicates and makes his team want to be better at what they do. He took the time to understand the way I did my profession, spoke well of my work to all and gave me the tools I needed to attract those that ‘fit’ the project. He treated me like a true Business Partner and LET ME also do the recruiting; these are not 2 different jobs. He asked for what I needed and made himself available to help, trusted my judgment and let me take on as much as I wanted to do; never holding me back. He also pays attention to the ‘human’ side of his team
and never hesitates to listen and do the ‘right’ thing. We needed 9 people to move their families, spend their first 3 months in Denmark; including Christmas and New Years, then return to the USA to a brand new state. Jürgen put himself in the shoes of the team, considered all sides and never avoided making a decision. I would work for him again and recommend him to any organization that wants someone to develop and lead a high performing team.”

February 25, 2011 


Sesha Harihara CISA,CISM, Senior Manager

Vestas India (colleague, reported to you)
“I had worked with Jurgen in setting up the Global Delivery Support organistion. What I like about him his ability to execute challenges in limited time. This was evident when he was given the task to setup the Service Transition Organisation. He brings immense knowledge of the business processes and has in-depth understanding enterprise challenges. Another thing which stands apart is his energy level, honesty and committment, coupled with comprehension for multi-cultural aspects, listening and understanding how to manage in different cultures. I would love to work with Jurgen again in the future.”

February 13, 2011 
Nitin Mavinkurve, Service Solution Lead

Vestas Technology R&D, Singapore (colleague, reported to you)
“Jurgen is a goal oriented person with a very high standard of work ethics. He is the architect of XA global support at Vestas. There are many things to mention but, I am very much impressed by his innovative ideas and leadership skills. I still remember his first presentation and how he made me feel comfortable and allowed me to settled down during the interview process. In another occassion, he impressed all of us by greetings all the family members with their name. He is ardent lover of adventurous sports. It has been a real pleasure to work under him.”

February 12, 2011 
Anker Aarup, Vice President XA Competence Center Group IT

Vestas Wind Systems (colleague, managed you)
“Jürgen was hired in into my management team where his main task was to create and develop a global ERP Support Team, - a stretched target if you consider the time and the frames given. However Jürgen succeeded in doing precisely that, - creating a global support team and making it work and provide 24 hours support within the time frame given, - and at the same time create a high level of satisfaction in the team. - In my mind a substantial achievement. I think the reason for his success is due to the fact that he has a very high level of commitment and structure when he is working. This means that he is able to keep the overall overview and goals in mind while at the same time being in control of the details. This made him a loyal and valuable member of my management team as well. He was able to challenge us but at the same time being able to come up with constructive solutions in our strive for excellence. Due to a total reorganisation Jürgen received new tasks within the organisation along with the rest of the staff in my team. All in all it was a pleasure work with Jürgen and I wish him all the best.”

March 15, 2011

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