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Recommendations SolarWorld AG

Recommendations for Interim Manager IT Applications at                 SolarWorld AG






Karsten Reichart, Director Technical Support

SolarWorld AG, (colleague, internal customer)

As Jürgen started his interim management role in IT Applications at SolarWorld, one of his first intentions was to understand the situation of all main internal customers. He immediately recognized the strong need in the technical support department for a ticket system to increase efficiency and professionality for our solar system customer support. He helped us selecting and implementing the ticket system according to business best practices across 3 internal business departments in the role of a project manager. He managed all stakeholders and coordinated all tasks in a very structured way. Jürgen is a kind of manager that does not hesitate to take responsibility and give directions. I would like to thank Jürgen for his involvement and achievements for our department.

July 2015


Steven Meredith, Director Global Product Management

SolarWorld AG, (colleague, internal customer)

SolarWorld has setup an important strategic initiative that required specialized leadership and someone that can react quickly to a dynamic situation, make assessments and bring information onto the table so that top line management can make informed decisions. To meet all these requirements SolarWorld asked Jürgen Windheim to step into this role. Jürgen quickly understood the critical situation and technical setup for SolarWorld and the capabilities of SolarWorld’s external IT service provider and made himself available to manage the situation, the internal task force and the external IT service provider, has set targets for all stakeholders and has implemented a collaborative working environment between all stakeholders. Jürgen is the kind of situation manager,  that can handle difficult setups with different kinds of stakeholders and reach stretched targets in limited time given.

July 2015

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